Decluttering: 3 Tips You Can Do Today

Decluttering is commonly portrayed as a cathartic experience, promising a streamlined and organized living space.  As Marie Kondo famously says, “Discard everything that does not spark joy.”

That sounds simple enough, right? The truth is, the sentiment is much easier said than done.

For many, the decluttering process can quickly become significant, as it often coincides with a major life transition like downsizing or relocating to a retirement community. If this sounds like your situation, then working with a Move Management company like A Move Handled With Care might make the best use of your time, effort, and budget. However, if you’re just hoping to clear some space for the new year, we’ve outlined our 3 tips you can do TODAY. Keep reading!

1. Clear flat surfaces

Start with removing clutter from the countertops in your kitchen, bathrooms, and bedroom. And don’t forget your coffee table! These flat spaces can become a hodgepodge of miscellaneous home items quite quickly, and clearing them off can make a huge difference.

If you end up throwing everything into a junk drawer, don’t worry. This blog post shows you how to declutter your drawers with ease!

2. Let gifts go

We just came off the holiday season, so you may have an excess of gifts at home. Disposing of gifts can be challenging, even the ones you don’t really want. You don’t want to disrespect the kindness that accompanies the gesture of gift giving. However, if the gift doesn’t align with your needs or preferences, it’s perfectly acceptable to release it without feeling guilty. The essence of love and care exchanged in the gift-giving process remains heartfelt and acknowledged.

3. The masking tape trick

This one is fun, because there’s no huge action that needs to be taken immediately. Stick a piece of masking tape to each tool in your kitchen. Then, set a date six weeks later on the calendar. Within the time frame, when you pick up a tool, remove the tape. At the end of the six weeks, discard any tool that still has tape on it.

Get more tips to take the stress out of decluttering here!

Ready to sort through your entire house?

Move Managers like our team at A Move Handled With Care can offer support, understanding, and expertise to help you create a more curated and intentional living space. In addition to decluttering, we handle everything from downsizing, floor planning, packing, moving, and unpacking. We coordinate everything from start to finish.

Here’s what one happy client had to say about working with us:

“The team at ‘A Move Handled with Care’ is top notch. They are experts at complex moves and took care of every detail for my family’s complicated move. (Even the details I didn’t  know enough to ask about!) The packing, moving, and unpacking all went very smoothly. More so, they are kind and compassionate. The team made it a far easier and more pleasant experience for my family when we made the difficult decision to relocate my aging parents from their full-sized house to a retirement community. We are very grateful to Amy, Megan, Shanda and the whole team. Thank you!” -Kristen K.

Call us today at 303-471-7333 to get started!

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