Declutter Your Drawers with Ease

Most of us have one or two disheveled drawers in the house. You know the ones—the so-called “junk drawers” filled with miscellaneous items that just don’t seem to belong anywhere else. Tape, sticky notes, sharpies, magnets, rubber bands… These unorganized drawers are cluttered with items that are supposed to keep you organized in the first place! So how do you make sense of the mess? Follow these five simple steps. 

Step 1: Take everything out

This first step may seem obvious, but it is critical to a successful declutter. Remove everything from your drawer—yes, even those paper clips scattered about—and lay it all on an open space. From there, you’ll want to dust and wipe down the empty drawer to remove any residue. Keep germs away with a disinfectant wipe, soap and water, or cedar oil for wood drawers.

Step 2: Create your piles

We’re big proponents of creating piles to sort through your belongings. To make things simple, create three piles: Keep, Donate, and Toss. Remember to ask yourself if you really need something. If you haven’t used something in three months, it may be time to trash or rehome the item.

Step 3: Decide on a sorting system

If you’re working with miscellaneous items, you can either sort by how often you use them, or create a more formal organizational system. Examples include: office supplies, paper products, electrical items, and writing utensils.

Step 4: Invest in drawer organizers

After you’ve grouped your belongings, invest in drawer organizers. You can find these in Target or Walmart, Office Depot or Staples, on Amazon, or even secondhand. Make sure you measure your drawer before making a purchase to ensure your organizers will fit. 

Step 5: Set everything up

Now that your items are grouped and your organizers are in hand, simply set your organizers in the drawer and place your items accordingly. For ease, try to place the items you use more frequently closer to the front of the drawer. And voila! Just like that, you’re done.

In Conclusion

You’ll want to repeat this decluttering process every six months or so. Keeping your drawers tidy not only helps keep your home clutter-free, but also your mind. 

If you’d like to watch a step-by-step video on drawer decluttering, click here. A Move Handled With Care’s COO, Paige, walks through easy steps in this short video.

Remember to contact A Move Handled With Care for all of your downsizing, decluttering, sorting, and moving needs. You can reach us at (303) 471-7333!

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