Tidying Up for the Tidings

Declutter Your Home for a Stress-Free Season

As the holiday season approaches, it’s important to create a stress-free and organized environment in your home. The festive season is meant to be enjoyed, after all! 

However, decluttering the entire home can feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve outlined our top tips to sort and declutter your home before the holidays arrive.

Start Small

First, examine key areas of your home that guests will likely occupy: the living room, bathroom, kitchen, and guest bedroom. Focus on creating welcoming, clutter-free atmospheres in these key areas first.

Then, consider your decor. If your home is overcrowded with holiday decor, consider each item. Is each piece meaningful to you? The answer is probably no. Create three piles: toss, keep, and donate. Only keep the items that you truly cherish, donate the ones you don’t, and definitely toss any damaged goods. 


Is the decoration a one of a kind piece? Is it sentimental? If getting rid of it would cause you strife, it might be best to hang on to it or wait until you can find a new home for it.


Is the decoration damaged or in need of repair? If so, do you have the time or the resources to repair it? If so, repair and keep. If not, discard. 

Don’t forget about your wrapping paper! Evaluate your wrapping supplies near a trash can or recycle bin so you can discard any unwanted paper as you sort.


What better motivation to declutter than to extend generosity to those in need? Identify clothes, coats, toys, and books that can be donated to charitable organizations. Keep a donation bag or box in your closet for any unwanted items that you come across. Here are a few places to take your donatable items:

If you need help with donations, A Move Handled With Care can facilitate a seamless sorting, decluttering, and donating process, ensuring that your contributions bring joy to others while creating space in your home for the holiday festivities.

And our biggest tip? Just start small!

If you feel overwhelmed by this process, we are here to help. Sometimes, an extra set of hands can help you feel more organized and free up some space in your home. If you’re preparing for a move or just trying to get things in your current home under control, contact A Move Handled With Care for your free consultation at 303-471-7333.

Bonus tip: After you’ve set up your holiday decorations, remember to snap a photo. That will allow you to easily recreate the space next year!

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