Tips to Take the Stress Out of Decluttering

Everything takes up space. From mementos to paperwork, kitchen appliances to shoes, it is important to consider the value and necessity of every item in your home. And, if you are embarking on your downsizing journey, decluttering is an especially important step to take sooner rather than later. We understand decluttering can feel stressful, so we’ve outlined five questions to ask yourself in order to declutter with ease and efficiency.

What is essential?
When determining what is essential versus non-essential, ask yourself if you use that item in daily life. For example, a coffee pot is essential for your morning caffeine kick, but you probably don’t need three shelves of mismatched mugs and teacups.

Is it expired?
It’s time to toss out that can of tomatoes from 2018! Check your pantry for any cans, jars, and dry goods that have passed their expiration date.

Do I still need it?
Keep in mind that documents and paperwork have an expiration date as well. If you’re holding onto a cellphone bill from 15 years ago, don’t hesitate to take it to the shredder. On the other hand, keep your tax returns, insurance, and wills safe-and-sound.

Do you have more than one?
If you have two, three, or more of the same item, consider donating the excess. Simple as that.

Do you really use it?
Everyone loves receiving gifts. But if that gift from last year’s Christmas party is still in its box, it may go to better use in another home.

Bonus tip!
An easy way to get a jumpstart on decluttering is to set a timer for 15 minutes. Give yourself 15 minutes to clean up a space, whether that’s the pantry, closet, basement or garage.


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