August 13, 2022

We Are A Move Handled With Care

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A Move Handled With Care

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About Us

A Move Handled With Care has been in business for over 13 years. We are a women-owned, local business here in the state of Colorado. We handle everything from downsizing, floor planning, packing, moving, and unpacking. We coordinate everything from start to finish.

Our Process

We walk into your house and closely look at your space. We want to recreate that in your new place, so we label things, look at what you want to move, and how you live. We document our clients’ homes by taking photos, and this is a way for us to remember where things came out of, and where things are going to back. There are a lot of working parts that go into it, including hiring and coordinating movers, to packing to unpacking.

We provide all the packing materials and coordination. We make sure everything is taken care of, from putting everything into boxes to ensuring those boxes make it on and off the moving truck safely, to putting your treasured items into their proper places in your new home.

Our team carefully puts everything back into cabinets and cupboards; we diligently make your bed and hang your pictures so that your new home truly looks like you have been living in your there for many many years. We make sure that you are completely settled, that there is not a box in the basement that has never been unopened.

Our Clients

We get to know our clients on a personal level and enjoy hearing stories about the things they collected! We like to be a part of their process, from learning about why they have those things in their kitchen to what their art means to them.

The reaction we love to get from our clients is an overwhelming awe. We love seeing the stress of the move lifted off their shoulders. By trusting A Move Handled With Care for their moving journey, our clients truly able to simply live in their new home and enjoy their next chapter.

“It’s made the move so easy. It’s just plain wonderful.”

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