August 05, 2020

Tips for Downsizing

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Tips for Downsizing

Have you ever thought about all of the “stuff” that you have in your home? Does the thought of tackling that project overwhelm you? Whether you are downsizing for an upcoming move or just to declutter your home, we have compiled a few tips that might help you get started. We recommend starting early (before you HAVE to downsize) on small projects.

1. How to get started:

  • Choose a room or space in the house that you do not use often.
  • This space may be filled with items you no longer need so sorting here might be easier.

2. Make piles

  • Create a KEEP, TOSS, and possible a SELL and/or a DONATE pile.
  • Toss or donate any duplicates you might find.
  • Once you have created your piles for that ONE space, toss and donate the piles you have set aside before moving on to the next space in the home. Do not let your piles build up.

3. Talk with your family

  • As you are sorting, talk with your family to see if there are things they may want. If they have identified items, safely box them (and have them pick up things/ship!). This will allow you to feel confident in getting rid of the rest.

4. Make plans for donations or sales

  • Call your local donation center to see what items they will NOT take (common items you cannot donate: electronics, mattresses, desks, broken or damaged items).
  • Schedule a pickup of items far in advance! These schedules fill quickly. It is also a good idea to verify how a donation pickup will receive items (i.e. outside by a curb or coming into the home).
  • If interested, call an estate sale/liquidation company to see if you are a candidate for a sale.
  • Contact local consignment stores if you would like to consign items. They require pre-approval.
  • If you can, sell things yourself either through a garage sale or an online platform (i.e. craigslist or Facebook Marketplace).

Here are a few resources to get you started:

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