Downsizing Your Mementos

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the mountain of boxes of mementos in your home? This may include photos, old slides, cassette tapes, or VCR recordings. These keepsakes can take up valuable space in your home when you are downsizing. With the new digital age, there are several ways to preserve your mementos while saving space at the same time. Some solutions also offer preservation and restoration of old photos/slides/images and keep them in a format that will last longer. You can even share these boxed up gems with your family with a simple click of a button via email or text message. Here are a few tips on how to get started:

1. Get boxes of mementos out of your storage area and set out a space to stage and organize the contents (maybe a dining or card table out of the way).

2. Throw away any duplicates of photos, damaged VHS/cassette tapes, or items you may not want to keep.

3. Consolidate items into smaller boxes. Make sure these boxes are not old or falling apart. It is harder to store broken down boxes.

4. Contact a company to get pricing to convert your mementos into digital photo books, VHS/cassette tapes to DVDs, or digital slideshows.

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5. For larger keepsakes (i.e. large family prints, child’s artwork, greeting cards, etc.), take a digital picture of the memento (with a smartphone, digital camera, or computer/iPad camera) to store and preserve the image. Discard the item once you’ve captured it!

6. Give yourself a deadline! Don’t make the mistake of getting out all of these items only to leave them to sort and deal with another day. Think about what a reasonable time frame would be and stick to your plan.

7. Enjoy the process! This is a great time to focus on the memories and enjoy the stories of your life. You will be so glad you took the time to downsize your mementos so you can take them all with you to your next home!

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