The Pate Move

Charles and his wife, Barbara decided to move to Erie, Co from a single family home in Highlands Ranch. They wanted to be closer to their daughter. Barbara has some health concerns and being near family is very important to them both.

The move itself was a bit tricky and we did our very best to ensure her comfort throughout the entire process, including a comfortable chair to rest in when she needed to! Charles was an amazing customer, bringing notes to the team, a detailed furniture inventory and clearly labeled items that showed what was going and what was staying. He even had a cooler of waters for the movers. So thoughtful of him! This was a large move, going from one single family home to another. It took 2 full trucks, 4 movers and 2 full days!

In Charles’ words:
“We were most satisfied with the services provided by A Move Handled With Care. The process was seamless. As seniors, we needed all the help we could get. The staff is excellent and easy to work with. We would recommend this company to anyone with such a need.”

If you or a loved one is looking to make a downsized move, then call A Move Handled With Care and take advantage of our complementary consultation.


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