The Henshaw Move

Betty lived in a fantastic Denver high rise, on the 36th floor for 4 years. She had a 1,670 square foot home with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, an amazing mountain view and all her personal touches. When she decided it was time to move, she chose Cherry Hills Village, a lovely assisted living community located in Centennial.  The apartment was smaller at 700 feet, one bedroom and one bath, but it was perfect for her!  Our goal was to create a comfortable space that included her most beloved belongings so that it felt like home. Everything fit so well in her new place! Once we hung the art on the walls, it truly became Betty’s space. We were so happy to be a part of this transition for Betty.

In Betty’s words:
“There are two reasons I support A Move Handled with Care.
1. The enormous physical task of removing furnishings and personal property from a 36th floor downtown high rise to an apartment at a continuing care facility 10 miles away was handled with dexterity, and in just one afternoon! My partner and I went away for the day to Rocky Mountain National Park, and when we returned to the new apartment that evening, everything was in place. Such an amazing accomplishment and much easier on my partner and I than any other moves we’ve made!
2: Shanda has an incredible talent for determining what pieces, pictures and personal effects should go where. She was able to replicate my partners home in a space half the size!
If you are looking for an efficient move, overseen by folks who care for your things and understand the importance of continuity, look no further. This business is superb and their price is right.”

If you or a loved one is looking to make a downsized move, then call A Move Handled With Care and take advantage of our complementary consultation.


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