April 09, 2020

The Grout Move

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Anjie and Ron Grout recently completed a two-stage move with our team. Last October, we moved them into an interim apartment while they waited for a cottage to become available at Holly Creek. After four months, we moved Anjie and Ron into their new cottage! Hear the story from Anjie and Ron’s perspective below.

In their own words:

“We were moving out of a large home and it required tough decisions related to the need for down-sizing. Your services included sorting items to keep or give-away and packing of the items we were keeping.

To complicate this move, we had to sort those items we needed for the two bedroom apartment as well as items to be permanently stored. Your team was patient, professional and incredibly supportive in this process. At the end of two days, we had it sorted, packed, moved to two locations and unpacked in the apartment.

After 4 months, we faced a second move! This time we moved items from the apartment to a cottage. That move included moving our “stuff” from the apartment to the nearby cottage as well as all the items that were in a large storage unit being moved into the cottage.

Can you believe they accomplished it all in one day?! It was a masterful accomplishment that was efficiently executed! Kudos to all of the team members that supported us through these massive two moves and, with their direction and expertise, helped us unpack and feel comfortable in our new home the first night.

These people know what they’re doing and we highly recommend them for your next move.”

If you or a loved one is looking to make a downsized move, then call A Move Handled With Care and take advantage of our complementary consultation.


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