Movers vs. Move Managers: What is the Difference?

That’s a question we hear quite often. While working with movers can certainly save you time, move managers bring an additional skill set and more comprehensive service offerings. Move Managers have the skills and resources to simplify an overwhelming task, save time, reduce stress and get the job done.

Moreover, family members can have meaningful, supportive roles with each other while the Move Management team takes care of details and sees that the entire move process goes smoothly and successfully.

Those are just a couple reasons why partnering with a Move Management company like A Move Handled With Care is the better bet. Keep reading to learn more!

movers vs move managers


  • Provide complimentary consultation 
  • Schedule appropriate moving crew 
  • Pack for new home
  • Move heavy furniture items 


  • Provides complimentary consultation 
  • Schedule appropriate moving crew 
  • Prepare furniture list 
  • Pack for new home 
  • Visit new home & design custom floor plan
  • Sort and help you decide what to take with you 
  • Coordinate delivery stops & special instructions
  • Coordinate/communicate with third  parties involved 
  • Oversee efficient loading of moving truck
  • Unpack items into cabinets, closets, dressers & countertops 
  • Settle into new home 
  • Remove of all packing materials & trash
  • Provide service bids for pricing on home
  • Clean out services

Movers will certainly move your stuff, but Move Managers will mitigate the stress associated with moving. We coordinate the entire process, allowing you to not only be with your loved one during the move, but enjoy your time with them in your new home right away. We put all of your treasures and trinkets away, hang up your pictures, and ensure your space is entirely functional.

Additionally, before commencing the moving process, we will put together an estimate for your entire job based on the services you need and want. This comprehensive estimate (provided at zero charge to you) includes packing, materials, movers, trucks, coordination, and more. 

Our pricing may initially appear to be higher than that of traditional moving companies BUT we have found time and time again our comprehensive services often result in a lower total cost. That’s because traditional moving companies often provide “low-ball” estimates, but due to their inefficiencies, they can end up charging more than us for a less streamlined move. When you factor in the time and effort saved, as well as our transparent pricing, hiring A Move Handled With Care is a no-brainer.

Partner with A Move Handled With Care on your next move for peace of mind. We offer a variety of fully-customizable services! Contact our team of experts today to schedule a free, in-home consultation and to receive an estimate with ZERO hidden costs. (303) 471-7333

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