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Do you have a strong desire to create order out of chaos? Do you have such natural organizing skills that your friends and family call on you to help keep them organized? Are you the kind of person who thrives on being the go-to person who can manage a project from start to finish and achieve the goal without losing track of the small details? Do you enjoy working with baby boomers and seniors?

If so, then join our team. As a Packing Assistant for A Move Handled With Care, you will play a vital role in ensuring the efficient and organized packing of our clients’ belongings during their relocation process. Your attention to detail, strong organizational skills, and ability to work collaboratively with our team will contribute to a smooth and successful experience for our clients. 

Ideal candidate is one who is looking to start at a move assistant level and advance into team lead and/or move manager, as skills and confidence grows within the company. If you have skills, drive and love what you/we do, will fast track you and increase pay. 

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Key Responsibilities: 

  1. Packing Assistance: Assist in packing a variety of items from clients’ homes, ensuring they are properly wrapped, protected, and labeled according to established guidelines. While maintaining high standards of packing quality to prevent damage during transportation.
  1. Unpacking Assistance: Assist in unpacking a variety of items from clients’ home, ensuring they are placed in areas of home that client has specified or from areas they came from in previous home. Ie, book shelves, dressers, bathroom drawers, nightstand or other furniture items that were moved from previous residence. 
  1. Efficiency: Work efficiently to meet assigned packing quotas while maintaining the quality standards of the company 
  1. Adherence to Guidelines: Following established safety protocols and packing guidelines to ensure consistency, safety and customer satisfaction. 
  1. Customer Service: Interact with clients in a professional and courteous manner either answering or directing any of their questions or concerns to your onsite manager.
  1. Problem Solving: Identify potential issues or challenges related to packing specific items, fragile belongings, or unusual items and collaborate with the team to find appropriate solutions. 


  1. Reliable Transportation 
  2. High school diploma or equivalent
  3. Previous experience in packing, moving or a related field is a plus  
  4. Strong attention to detail and organization skills
  5. Physical stamina and the ability to lift heavy items repeatedly up to 30lbs
  6. Excellent communication, computer and interpersonal skills 
  7. Ability to work effectively within a team 
  8. Problem-solving skills and adaptability to different packing scenarios 

Working Conditions: 

  1. This rolls involves physical labor and may require lifting and carrying heavy objects 
  2. Work is performed in clients’ homes or designated packing locations 
  3. Weekly hours may vary between 10-40/hrs. including weekends 


  1. Accrued PTO after 90 days of employment 
  2. Health, Vision and Dental Benefits after 90 days of employment 
  3. Matching 401K after 6 months of employment
  4. Starting pay at $18-$20/hr. depending on experience

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