May 02, 2023

Dresser Organization Hacks

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Dresser organization

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Have you ever stuffed your dresser with so many socks, t-shirts, and activewear pieces that the drawers won’t even BUDGE when you try to open them? 

Even worse, your crammed drawers become such a headache that you don’t bother sifting through them. You end up re-wearing the same four pieces of clothing that are laid on the top of the disorganized mess. 

While we are always proponents of decluttering (ie. getting rid of items that no longer serve you), there are some simple organization tips that will save you a LOT of space without tossing what you have. Keep reading for three simple tips!

Start with a blank slate

Empty your drawer, dust it, and wipe it down. It’s time to start fresh! This way too, you can see all of your items laid out in front of you. You might not realize you even still have certain pieces of clothing, if it was buried beneath others.

Make sure you love what you have

Like we said, decluttering is always a great step to take when organizing your belongings. So when looking through the items strewn out before you, make sure you’re positive you’re likely to wear each piece again.

Folding matters

And now for our favorite tip: pay attention to how you’re folding! We often forget to wear clothes that are buried at the bottom of our drawers, and eliminating layers in your drawers solves that problem. To see every item at the same time, we recommend folding your clothing into little packets that stand on their own. You can purchase spring-loaded dividers from Amazon to simplify this step further. Check out how our team does it in the photo above! This picture was captured while we helped move one of our clients into their new home.

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