Downsizing Myths vs. Facts

There are several misconceptions regarding downsizing that we hear from our clients and professional partners on a frequent basis. Getting started in the downsizing process can be daunting; however, having the right MINDSET about the process will combat some of the frustration by having the wrong information.

Myth: My family will want most of my things.

Fact: Most of your family will NOT want your items. Their house is probably just as full as yours! There may also be an expense to getting your things—i.e. shipping costs, renting a truck/labor, repair to older/broken items—which may prevent people from taking things.

What you should do: By all means, ask your family/friends what items they DO want and set those aside. Give them a DEADLINE so you can make a plan if they do not pick up those items.

Myth: I can donate anything I do not want.

Fact: While some used items that are in good-condition may be donatable, there are several items that CANNOT be donated! These items may include but are not limited to:

  • Mattresses
  • Electronics
  • Desks (especially roll top or secretary style
  • Particle board furniture (i.e. IKEA furniture)

Many donation centers will not enter your home to retrieve items, which may cause you to break down or carry heavy items outside for pickup. You will then be responsible to take items to the curb and pick up the items they decide not to take upon their scheduled pickup. Taking items yourself to donation can take several trips and be very time and labor intensive. 

What you should do: If you plan to donate items, call your local donation center to make sure the items you want to donate are acceptable. If scheduling a pickup at your home, verify their pickup availability. Some donation centers book weeks to months out at a time.

Myth: My extra items are worth so much money!

Fact: Unfortunately, many household items are not worth what we paid for them or what we anticipate they are worth. There are many avenues to sell items including:

  • Estate sales
  • Liquidation
  • Consignment
  • Online marketplaces

What you should do: If you believe you are a candidate for an estate sale, contact a local provider to have an assessment. They will be able to quickly tell you whether your items will sell and if a sale is warranted. Consignment stores typically require photos of the items, a signed contract/sales agreement, and means of transporting the items to their location. There can be costs associated with this type of transaction but can be a great way to sell items. Selling items yourself is a great way to make some money; however, make sure you have the means to take photos, post online, process inquiries and coordinate a purchase/pickup of items.

Myth: It is free to give away the extra items I am not taking with me to my new home.

Fact: In most cases, it is rarely free to rid yourself of your extra things. Unless you or your family/friends are able to take items to donation centers, having labor enter your home to remove items is not free. It may be the best and most efficient way to empty a home if you are unable to downsize yourself. Many companies that provide this type of service also do the hard part of figuring out if items need to be donated, recycled, repurposed, or discarded. It’s a one-stop shop.

What you should do: Contact a local eco-friendly junk hauler to do the heavy lifting for you. They can typically complete this work in a timely fashion and will take items that may be difficult to donate (i.e. mattresses, electronics, appliances).

Myth: I have to do this downsize on my own.

Fact: No you don’t! A MOVE HANDLED WITH CARE is here to help. We can provide appropriate guidance through the process. We have many local resources who provide a myriad of services to assist in your downsize. With over 11 years in the Denver market, we have experience downsizing your home so that you can enjoy the next chapter of your life.

What you should do: Call us today to set up your free consultation!


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