April 08, 2021

Do You Have Too Much STUFF?

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Do you have too much STUFF? Do you find yourself struggling to keep things organized or finding something because there is too much clutter? Do you need some extra help to sort through things?

Sometimes, an extra set of hands can help you feel more organized and free up some space in your home. Spring has sprung here in Colorado! Let this season be the season you get organized! If you’re preparing for a move or just trying to get things in your current home under control, A Move Handled With Care can help!

Here are a few services we can provide:

  • Sorting-what to keep, what to donate, and what to discard. Our staff can help you tackle any spot in your home that might need this service.

  • Organizing– taking the things you currently have and organizing them so they are easier to find and access.

  • Purchasing Functional Organizational Tools– We can help you find the right organizing tools for your home. It could be a shoe rack, command hooks, organizing totes, drawer organizing units, document filing systems, baskets, etc.

  • Document Sorting/Shredding– We can help you go through paperwork and documents that you may not need. If you have a shredder, we can shred right on site. We can also transport any amount of shredding to a nearby location for safe discard of these documents/paper.

  • Shipping Items to Family– Have a small box of items that you want to send to a family member or friend? We’ve got you covered! Let’s pack a box and we’ll take it to be shipped. (*Have large items to ship? We have a great resource for you)

  • Finding the Right Source for Donations– We can assist in finding the right group to rehome your donatables

In the meantime, if you want to get started on your own organizing, here are a few tips that might be helpful:

  • Make your bed every morning. Sometimes just making the bed can really spruce up the space.

  • Keep a donation bag in your closet for any unwanted items that you come across.

  • Open your mail near a trash can or recycle bin so you can discard any unwanted paper as you open it.

  • Find a consistent place for commonly used items (i.e. keys, purse, remotes, etc.). Make sure to put things away in the same place each time to keep things organized and tidy.

  • And just start slowly sorting…

Call us today for your free consultation and let A Move Handled With Care handle the rest!


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