February 27, 2023

Why EVERYONE Could Benefit from a Move Manager

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Why EVERYONE Could Benefit from a Move Manager

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Many people assume that Move Managers are only for seniors, when in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, rightsizing empty nester, or downsizing retiree, nearly everyone making a move could benefit from a Move Manager. Let’s talk about why.

Moving is STRESSFUL.

Point blank, moving is exasperating. Both local and long-distance moves come with their own set of stressors. Common questions that make movers frazzled include: 

“Will all this stuff fit into my new home?”

 “How am I going to carry everything up the stairs?”

“When will I find time to pack?”

Move managers like A Move Handled With Care can address all of these questions. Our job is to coordinate your move from start to finish. That includes sorting and decluttering, packing and unpacking, staging, moving, and more. Removing the burden of the intricacies of moving are burdensome—we’re here to take the weight off your shoulders.

Moving makes us FORGETFUL.

Although you may try to sweat every detail, there are countless things to focus on when moving. As such, you’re bound to forget a few important details along the way—tax documents, mom’s favorite mug, outdoor plants…there’s a lot to consider. Move Managers like A Move Handled With Care are project management gurus, meaning we’ll ensure nothing gets left behind. In fact, our field team takes photos of all of your belongings before the actual move takes place. Not only does this key step ensure everything gets packed, but also that it gets put back into its proper place in your new home.

Moving can be UNEXPECTED.

More often than not, unexpected happenings occur when moving, which can push the timeline. Whether you have a job to get back to, a family member to take care of, or a tight deadline for closing, an off-schedule move is less than ideal. Move managers ensure your move stays on track. A Move Handled With Care plans every step of the moving process, creating individualized tasks and timelines—and we always account for the unexpected. Hiring a professional to be in charge of the timeline allows you to focus on the more important things—like your job and family.

Partner With a Trusted Move Management Company

A Move Handled With Care coordinates your move from start to finish. With more than 12 years in the Denver market, we have plentiful experience in move management. Here’s what a recent client said after partnering with A Move Handled With Care on their recent move:

“A Move Handled With Care provides a service you will not find anywhere else. Our most recent move was the third time we have used their services. Since we were downsizing, they helped us determine what furniture would fit in our new home, packed our belongings with care and did everything in a timely manner.  They covered every detail.  When they were finished unpacking, our new home looked amazing – dishes in cupboards, clothes in closets,  pictures on walls, even the bed was made!  Their employees are hard-working, professional, and truly care about their clients.  I highly recommend A Move Handled With Care!!”

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