A Senior Move Manager is a professional who specializes in assisting seniors and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of moving or aging-in-place. Acting as your “Move Coordinator,” we handle all the tasks and details associated with downsizing, moving or aging-in-place. We adhere to the standards of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) and participate in on-going professional development and training. We are personally committed to working with seniors and their families to create a positive impact and make a difference.

Moves today can be complex. Many families are separated by distance. Adult children can often have multiple and sometimes conflicting obligations with family and careers. Even for families who are willing and able to do the move on their own, senior move managers have the skills and resources to simplify an overwhelming task, save time, reduce stress and get the job done. Our experience and knowledge provides the senior client with a comprehensive, coordinated and efficient process. Our caring and respectful approach helps all family members through a major life event. Family members can have meaningful, supportive roles with each other while the senior move manager takes care of details and sees that the entire move process goes smoothly and successfully.

We believe that our backgrounds and personal characteristics are well suited to provide you with the best professional senior move management services. You will benefit from our careers as a Social Worker and an Administrator in the human service field combined with specialized training as a Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist (CRTS). During more than 30 years of working with families, we have developed effective communication skills and proven problem-solving strategies which have helped hundreds of families at times of stress and crisis.

You work directly and personally with us. We are sensitive, understanding and positive. Our knowledge, organization and reliability will save you time. We continually identify and coordinate with our community partners on your behalf to bring you other trustworthy and affordable resources. When you choose our company, you will feel confident in our ability to get the results you want in a manner that you appreciate.

You can hire us for our Consultation Service. This usually includes a comprehensive, written Individualized Move Plan that a client or family can follow. When time, distance or other circumstances are factors, consultation could provide problem solving, guidance, solutions and resources. Feel free to inquire about consultation as a service which may be right for you.

We respect each individual’s desire for the lifestyle that they want and are able to maintain. More and more seniors are moving from their family homes and looking forward to the opportunities and amenities in full service senior communities. Many other seniors want to live longer in their present homes and may require an array of services to support their independence. We can be a valuable asset to seniors and their families who are beginning to discuss this topic. We will work with our clients and their families to develop a plan for a safe, comfortable and organized home environment.

Yes. We work exclusively with clients in their 60s-90s+. We created our company specifically to work with the senior population because of the unique emotional and physical aspects of their later life moves. We believe that with our skills and experience, we have much to offer this population and their families. Younger individuals who are moving have many options and do not represent the client base to which our company is dedicated.

Our initial visit in your home is always free of charge. We will listen and understand your needs based on your specific situation. Since our clients decide which of our services they are interested in, every move is individualized. We follow up the first appointment with a written Services Proposal which includes our fees. Some services can be bundled into a comprehensive package while others are based upon an hourly rate.

As members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, we have a network of professional colleagues across the country with whom we would partner to accomplish such a move.